Golf Shoe Review: New Balance Minimus Sport

New Balance Minimus Sport Review The New Balance Minimus is yet another addition to the growing market for golf shoes. Not that long ago golfers were faced with only...
New Balance Minimus Sport Sole

New Balance Minimus Sport Review

New Balance Minimus Golf ShoeThe New Balance Minimus is yet another addition to the growing market for golf shoes. Not that long ago golfers were faced with only a handful of options when it came to foot attire, and there was really only one school of thought when it came to designing a golf shoe: Make sure it’s rigid, has studs, and is made out of leather. Now, you have a bevy of choices. There are classic designs, sport-casual, and the new trainer-style craze. The New Balance Minimus falls into the latter category. We are going to give you a quick break down of the shoe’s construction, how it fit, and our thoughts from taking a few swings in them.

Shoe Construction

From the description on New Balance’s website, the Minimus was conceived from the company’s background in producing running shoes and uses this running shoe experience to develop a golf shoe that provides support while being flexible and gets you closer to the ground. The midsole is made from a proprietary REVlite foam that is 30% lighter than other foams, and it sports an entirely spikeless rubber outsole. Below are the main points of the shoe construction from New Balance.

  • 4mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 4mm drop are approximate
  • Dual density 2 color spikeless rubber outsole
  • Mesh upper
  • Water-resistant upper
  • Welded TPU stability cage


What we like most about the shoe is most definitely the styling. You don’t see a whole lot like it in the golf industry today, and it’s clearly got roots in the running scene where bright, vibrant colors are common. With its low profile sole and flexible materials, this definitely screamed “running shoe.” And, to be honest that did have us a bit concerned. And, man, is it light. That same light feeling when we tossed it back and forth to each other translated to the foot as well. We really felt more connected to the ground and as if there was a better feel in weight distribution and rotation. As cool as it looked, the New Balance Minimus is derived from a running culture, which could lead to a bit of skepticism when it comes to the performance forefront. New Balance Minimus Sport Sole


So, how does the New Balance Minimus perform with a club in your hand? Great. We used these in a simulator, so take that with a grain of salt, but they flexed and allowed a ton of positive motion while swinging and stayed solid enough so as to avoid slipping through the downswing. We stayed planted in driver swings even when trying to kill it, but the most appreciated aspect was because of the low profile and light feel they seemed to make it significantly easier to manage narrow stances with wedges.

Final Verdict

The New Balance Minimus . . . you need to check this shoe out. If you’re a perenial FJ Captoe kinda guy, this might not be for you, but at the same time it might be something so different that you fall in love with it. If you like the feeling of being high on studs, then this shoe isn’t for you. If you want a classic look, then this shoe isn’t for you. If you want something that’s extremely rigid and sturdy, then this shoe is definitely not for you. If you’re anything like us, you prefer shoes that flex and allow natural flexing that give a barefoot kind of feel and a shoe that can get you as low to the ground as possible while still having a reasonable amount of traction.

In the same way that the shoe design landscape is changing so are players’ preferences. This shoe is very much geared to the player who likes a natural feel and a lot of movement — that’s what we like, so we seriously recommend the New Balance Minimus. It runs true to size, but can be a bit snug in the toe box. Other available colors are black with blue & yellow or black & silver.

New Balance Minimus Sport Black Blue New Balance Minimus Sport Black

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