Rose and Fire Headcovers: Review

Rose and Fire Headcovers: Review Custom is quickly becoming the new game in golf equipment and accessories, and that’s a good thing for companies like Rose and Fire. While...

Rose and Fire

Rose and Fire Headcovers: Review

Custom is quickly becoming the new game in golf equipment and accessories, and that’s a good thing for companies like Rose and Fire. While we’re busy picking crown colors on drivers, engravings and stampings on wedges, and paint fills on putters, there’s been little choice in the way of headcovers. Within the last several years there’s been an increase in aftermarket covers, but options have been limited to things like animal covers or a Peter Griffin driver cover – frankly we’re tired of seeing the ubiquitous tiger headcover at the course. Rose and Fire is the antithesis to all the goofiness.

Rose and Fire is getting a head start on the premium cover market and they’re doing it with a very unique look. They employ simple, classic designs and emphasize quality materials without all of the stitched patterns and frills. Rose and Fire is all about utility, but when you look a little deeper you can see the thought and detail put into their products.


The headcovers that we received are made from military-grade ballistic nylon and MIL-SPEC camouflage. Rose and Fire isn’t claiming that it’s military-grade, they actually get their material from a military contractor.

We got the Explorer MIL-SPEC Camouflage headcover for our driver and the Explorer Ballistic Nylon for our 3-wood and 5-wood covers. The cool thing about the ballistic nylon is that it’s the same material our armed forces use in the construction of heavy-duty bags and protective vests. Our favorite thing is that the camouflage cover is distinctive and that each camouflage cover that they make is unique. The digital camo material that Rose and Fire uses is different on every cover. So even in the off chance that you see someone with the same cover as you, it’s impossible that it will be the identical cover. It makes owning one of their headcovers more of a brothers in arms situation.

Added bonus: the material is water and stain resistant.


Every Rose and Fire cover comes with a leather debossed badge that’s treated in-house. In the case of our MIL-SPEC cover, it comes with a vegetable tanned leather badge with the company logo (a lit matchstick) that will develop a dark patina over time. Each badge is natural leather that will vary slightly in shade and texture.

They’re trying a new thing for identifying clubs as well. Instead of a numbering system for woods, Rose and Fire uses a five point star for a 5-wood and a Fleur de lis for a 3-wood due to its three petals.

It’s the Little Things

We’ve been talking about Rose and Fire’s commitment to authenticity, but they also make a point to add meaningful elements and useful features to their covers.

One of the most frustrating things about headcovers is pulling them off when it’s twisted on the clubhead. Rose and Fire adds a loop to the top of their covers for quick and easy removal. And the woods and drivers covers come with a zippered front pocket that comes in handy for extra tees, divot tool, or whatever you can come up with.

The headcovers Rose and Fire gave us had a very patriotic vibe, so to match that they used a red lining for the zippered pocket and it’s the same red that’s used in the American flag.

A Headcover to Rule Them All

Finally a headcover option that isn’t the stock cover and doesn’t involve a hollowed out stuffed animal. Rose and Fire makes a product that’s simply cool and you know it’ll last years for a price that’s pretty hard to match given the quality.

Go to to get more information on their full lineup. Keep an eye out because they’re quickly expanding their range and adding new models.

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