G/Fore Gallivanter Golf Shoe Review

  G/Fore Gallivanter: Functional Fashion G/Fore is quickly becoming the foremost name in outside-the-box golf fashion. After making waves with their colorful, premium leather gloves, it was a natural...


G/Fore Gallivanter: Functional Fashion

G/Fore is quickly becoming the foremost name in outside-the-box golf fashion. After making waves with their colorful, premium leather gloves, it was a natural progression to design a golf shoe that represented the brand’s identity of creating classy, original products. From that, we get the G/Fore Gallivanter. That’s a good thing too — the golf shoe world needed some color.

We wrote a write up already about the G/Fore Gallivanter, but now we have a full review about the shoes looks, fit, comfort, and performance firsthand. G/Fore was good enough to send us a pair of the Burnished Patriot Gallivanter, which retails on their site for $265. It’s a hefty price for a golf shoe you’re going to be roughing around the course, but it most definitely is worth it.

GFORE Out of the Box


G/Fore Gallivanter Course Experience

The first question about the G/Fore Gallivanter was this: it looks great, but will it hold up through even one round? Rest assured that they do. From getting them covered in sand and wet grass at early range sessions to full rounds that includes standing in casual water, they look as new as the day they came out of the box. The patent leather makes cleaning easy and keeps them water resistant.

The fit of the G/Fore Gallivanter is excellent. It would be a safe concern to assume that because of their formal look and design they might be too rigid or they would quickly start rubbing during a round. However, it’s quite the contrary. G/Fore has managed to create a footbed that feels similar to athletic golf shoes. They’re comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day in a casual situation  — they were worn away from the course out to a restaurant, and nobody cast an odd stare as if to wonder why that guy is wearing golf shoes at a restaurant. So, keep that in mind. You’re not paying $265 for one pair of golf shoes, you’re paying for a pair of shoes that you can play golf in.

G/Fore made the Gallivanter versatile enough so you could wear them away from the course and wouldn’t feel like you’re clicking away on studs with every step. It really does look like the sole of a normal shoe, and that was pretty surprising when we un-boxed them. That led to wondering if they would hold any traction at all in wet conditions or on the dry, sandy turf that’s so prevalent here in South Florida. The other shoe manufacturers out there should take note, because G/Fore has figured out how to make what appears to be a regular shoe outsole grip like it has screw-in studs. Every club in the bag, every type of swing we could throw at the shoes, but there was no slip. None.


G/Fore Gallivanter Golf Shoe Summary

Consider the G/Fore Gallivanter for your next golf shoe. It’s stylish, it runs true to size, might be one of the most comfortable golf shoes you’ll ever own, and it performs in every condition. And who doesn’t like having something that nobody else on the course has? Chances are your buddies in their FJ’s are going to ask you what that foot swag you’ve got is and where you got it. 


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