Kentwool Golf Socks Review

Is Kentwool Really the World’s Best Golf Sock? You’ve walked 18 holes, your feet are blistered, and you find yourself questioning a higher power as to why there isn’t a...


Is Kentwool Really the World’s Best Golf Sock?

You’ve walked 18 holes, your feet are blistered, and you find yourself questioning a higher power as to why there isn’t a comfortable sock out there to protect your feet on the golf course. If you’re Mark Kent, the CEO of Kentwool — a more than century-old, family-owned wool manufacturing company — then you could be in no better place to solve your own problem.

That is how the story goes of how Mark Kent, after agonizing in pain at the 18th green of the BMW Charity Pro-AM (poor him, right?), decided to get into the business of golf socks. The South Carolina based Kentwool uses a proprietary super fine Merino wool blend for their socks. Merino wool, which we are all probably more familiar with in regards to sweaters rather than socks, is an ideal sock material it turns out. It is naturally soft, absorbent, breathable, and durable; just what you’d want from a performance sock. But does it stand up to Kentwool’s claim of the “World’s Best Golf Sock”?

It was immediately obvious the socks were of quality material. Then the idea of thick wool socks in the Florida heat crossed our minds: is this actually going to be breathable or are our feet going to be subject to a sauna? For science, we socked up and headed to the course. 

The Kentwool socks had an excellent comfort factor. The Tour Profile line has a low rise that covers just over the ankle and provides padding in key areas.  The low rise socks work well with pants or shorts. We got rained on a few holes in and eventually headed for shelter. Despite getting a good shower, the socks kept our feet cozy. When we got back out to play, our feet never felt hot or sweaty. A pair of shoes that were causing a little bit of blistering on their last use were actually staying rub free with the Tour Profile socks. Kentwool really seems to be on to something with their “blister-free guarantee”. What probably speaks most highly of the Kentwool socks is that despite playing through rain and heat, by the end of the round we didn’t notice our feet at all. No pain, fatigue, or swamp feet. Success!  

The Kentwool socks will definitely be going with us on our future golf outings. It’s no wonder that since 2008 they’ve gained a great reputation among PGA and LPGA tour players and signed brand ambassadors like Bubba Watson and Matt Kuchar.

Since they are made out of wool, air drying is recommended after washing to keep their shape.  The wool’s durability is good news for us, but we will be hard-pressed not to get more pairs anyhow. It’s also worth mentioning that Kentwool offers other performance and casual sock collections for all your non-golf needs.

So, is Kentwool really the world’s best golf sock? We say that they might just be the world’s best socks, period. 

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