Chase54 Review: Science of Style

  Chase54 Brings Science to Golf Style with In-House R&D Research and development, science, technology — yes, you are reading a review about golf clothes not golf clubs. While these...



Chase54 Brings Science to Golf Style with In-House R&D

Research and development, science, technology — yes, you are reading a review about golf clothes not golf clubs. While these words are not commonly associated with fashion, Chase54 is out to change your mind. Chase54 manufactures all of its own fabrics under the direction of an in-house R&D team. By doing so, Chase54 can deliver cutting edge materials technology directly to its shoppers. Its not just about the science though. Chase54’s high-performance fabrics are the basis for golf garments that have superior fit and feel with fashionable styling.

For our review we got to do some online shopping, and picked out one men’s and one women’s outfit. For men we selected the Clooney polo and Jackman shorts. For women we chose the Ryenne polo and Elba skirt. Chase54’s website has a huge selection and there are plenty of opportunities to mix and match pieces. The women’s collection in particular, offers several pieces in similar colors and patterns to create matching outfits.

The pieces we chose all feature the DryFuze fabrics from Chase54. DryFuze is the name given to their moisture wicking materials that will keep golfers cool and dry on the course. The science talk and catchy names are nice and all, but when Chase54 claims “when you feel it, you’ll believe it,” they aren’t kidding. Unpacking the items we were struck by how nice they felt in our hands.

The quality is likely attributable to the tight weave of the fabrics (which also happens to give the clothes high-level UV-protection). Each item also had the perfect amount of stretch. Like the Goldilocks of golf wear the clothing was neither too loose or too tight. The stretch kept us comfortable and allowed for plenty of range of motion. After wearing our items a few times to the course — in boiling, sticky 90 degree Florida heat — we were convinced of the performance of Chase54’s DryFuze material. Two thumbs up to the R&D team!

Like we said from the beginning though, its not just about the science, it’s about fashion too. Chase54’s primary brand ambassador is Champions Tour’s Jerry Kelly, but please do not think Chase54 is for seniors. From solids to prints, the style is predominantly clean and modern but allows the golfer to build in some personality as well. As we said before, the fit really is fantastic.

Perhaps this quote from Brooke Pancake, LPGA, sums it up best “CHASE54 is the most incredible golf apparel line I’ve come across. Absolutely the perfect balance for a tour professional between performance and actually feeling stylish, sexy, and feminine on the course”. Guys, feel free to substitute “sexy and feminine” with “studly and masculine”.

We’d love to see Chase54 sponsor a PGA Tour player or two so that the majority of the golf world can see their clothing in action. In the meantime, take a look at

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