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KJUS Golf Apparel If your sporting activities extend beyond golf to the slopes, you may have heard of the preeminent skiwear brand KJUS. Don’t be fooled by the snow...

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KJUS Golf Apparel

If your sporting activities extend beyond golf to the slopes, you may have heard of the preeminent skiwear brand KJUS. Don’t be fooled by the snow sport focus though, KJUS is equally prepared to get you from tee to green with their golf collection.

KJUS offers a full line of men’s and women’s golf clothing including polos, pants, midlayers, and jackets. Their approach to design is simplistic on the surface– practical style, clean lines, solid colors. What sets KJUS apart isn’t what the clothes look like, but rather how they are made and what they are made of.

KJUS offer golfers – and others through its ski and active lines – superior apparel showcasing freedom of movement and a wide variety of fabric technologies that will work for your game in all conditions. Exceptional fabric tech doesn’t come as too much of a surprise from a company that made its name designing clothes for one of the harshest sporting environments. The materials in KJUS’s garments don’t just work for the winter though. They offer lightweight and moisture-wicking options as well.

For our review we got our hands on a selection of KJUS’s golf gear for all types of weather.

KJUS Polos

The foundation of any golf wardrobe is polos. You want this foundation to keep you comfortable on the course. KJUS offers polos for men and women of varying sleeve lengths and with materials that will optimize cooling, drying, and freshness.

KJUS sent us the men’s Seapoint and women’s Scotscraig polos. Both feature KJUS’s Adaptive and Pure technologies. Adaptive technology wicks away moisture and evenly spreads it throughout the surface for quick evaporative cooling and temperature control, while Pure technology maintains freshness via specialized silver treated fibers. The men’s Seapoint has a slight amount of stretch, while the women’s Scotscraig is made from a form fitting, high stretch fabric. The polos are clearly thoughtfully constructed to allow full range of motion in the sleeves leaving you with freedom to swing.

KJUS Midlayers and Jackets

If you’re golf game takes you to a cooler or windier climate, KJUS has plenty of midlayer and jacket options as well. While many of KJUS’s midlayers extend the use of the Adaptive and Pure technologies mentioned above, they also employ other techniques to keep you protected from the elements.

For men we looked at the Mind Game Jacket, a full zip, soft, and stretchable jacket with a diamond pattern lining that carries KJUS’s Fast Dry technology. The lining not only is capable of wicking away moisture but also forms small pockets to keep in warmth.

As for women, we looked at the Delvin Jacket. In golf clothing the word “lightweight” gets thrown around a lot, and for good reason. You want your clothes to move easily with each swing, not weigh you down. This windbreaker though, is REALLY lightweight. Paper thin. But the lightness of the material is still durable, highly wind resistant and treated to repel light rains and dirt. It’s a jacket that would get you through just about any on course condition you’re willing to play in.

The Northstar Vest in the ladies golf collection shows off KJUS’s thermal tech with a soft insulating layer. This is not some huge puffer vest though. In fact, it is sleek in appearance and the thermal layer maintains elasticity and stretch that makes it good for the golf course.

KJUS Raingear

KJUS’s technology really shines in its raingear components. For those of you who don’t let a rainstorm keep you off the course, KJUS offers its Pro 3L II line up for men and women. KJUS raingear offers impressive water repellent material without trapping in heat and creating a sauna under the layers. This can be attributed to the Fast20 membrane which offers a lightweight non-porous material that remains highly breathable. Both the men’s and women’s garments feature an adjustable waist system as well as Velcro at the hems to seal out water and keep the clothes fitted, not bulky.


KJUS’s has a clear dedication to producing superior activewear. They use words like “technical” and “ergonomic” to describe their pieces. There is an attention to detail and precision performance that is evident about their clothing. KJUS is about more than looking good while you play. KJUS is about feeling good while you play because the clothes work with you to bring out the best in your game. Check out the full line up on KJUS.com and find out where to where to shop KJUS near you.

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