Puma Titantour Ignite & Ignite Spikeless Shoes

Puma Announces Titantour Ignite & Ignite Spikeless Golf Shoes You remember seeing that Puma teaser commercial with Rickie Fowler above? Well guess what? It’s now October 27th and much...

Puma Announces Titantour Ignite & Ignite Spikeless Golf Shoes

You remember seeing that Puma teaser commercial with Rickie Fowler above? Well guess what? It’s now October 27th and much like we all expected the news is shoes!

Puma is set to release a line of shoes called the Titantour Ignite, the first iteration of which should be available in stores in mid-November 2015.

titantour 1

Puma Titantour Ignite 

Puma’s Titantour Ignite golf shoes will feature three key layers to provide long lasting comfort on the course. The INGITE layer is comprised of a proprietary foam cushioning allowing for responsive energy return, extreme comfort and responsive stability. Ignite’s foam insole will also offer PWRCOOL technology, which promotes temperature regulation using materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.

The PWRFRAME is an ultra-thin and supportive thermoplastic polyurethane frame that encases the Ignite foam for lightweight strength and durability, increased flexibility and superior traction on the course.

Lastly, the Titantour Ignite will sport a state-of-art outsole construction with a super stable platform that promotes a confident swing on any surface, lie or angle. The spiked outsole platform houses Puma’s DUOFLEX technology. Duoflex references the combination of hard and soft materials to support natural foot movement and multiple flex angles. The result is increased flexibility and stability in a single platform.

The Titantour Ignite upper will be constructed of full-grain leather and will be available in three color options:  blue/white/lime; white/black/gray and all black.

Puma Ignite Spikeless five colors

Puma Ignite Spikeless

In addition to the Titantour Ignite shoe that will come out in mid-November, Puma is also planning to release a spikeless version of the Ignite December 15. The Ignite Spikeless will have the same Ignite foam insole, meanwhile the outsole will offer gripzone traction through 39 strategically placed hexagons to provide multi-directional traction in addition to 24 chevron shaped lugs that increase traction where it’s needed most. The Ignite Spikeless will come in the White/Surf the Web/Green Gecko; White/Turbulence/High Risk Red; Black/Glacier Gray. Drizzle/Vibrant Orange and Chipmunk/Peacoat will be available February 15, 2016. IGNITE Spikeless Women’s will come in two colorways  – White/Purple Cactus Flower/Glacier Gray and White/Glacier Gray/Rose Red. Both are available in store on February 15, 2016. 

The final member of the new Puma Ignite family is the Titantour Ignite Premium. The Premium edition is expected to come out in February 2016. Its construction will mirror that of the Titantour Ignite, but will stand out with high quality leathers on the upper portion of the shoe and a pigskin lining replacing the textile and mesh lining of its less expensive counterparts. The Titantour Ignite Premium also comes in three color options: gray/lime, dark tan, and white.

titantour 2

Puma Titantour Ignite Premiun

So what’s the price breakdown on the Ignite family? Titantour Ignite will retail for $160, Ignite Spikeless for $140 (women’s Ignite Spikeless $130), and Titantour Ignite Premium for $190. You can check out additional pictures from the Titantour Ignite line up on Puma’s website and see the full Puma Titantour Ignite commercial starring Rickie Fowler below. 


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