Titleist DT TruSoft Review

Titleist DT TruSoft Review: Can It Replace the DT Solo? For as long as anybody can remember, the Titleist DT line has been a staple in the golf community. Aside...

Titleist DT TruSoft Review: Can It Replace the DT Solo?

For as long as anybody can remember, the Titleist DT line has been a staple in the golf community. Aside from its popularity among corporate promoters via logo balls, the DT Solo has long been on of the best performance-for-your-dollar options on the market. In this Titleist DT TruSoft review, we’ll see if the newcomer can carry the torch of the DT Solo.

The DT TruSoft is a 2-piece ball that occupies the entry-level spot in the Titleist family. The cover is pure ionomer with a 376 dimple tetrahedral design intended to promote a consistent trajectory and flight. The TruSoft Core is a low compression core, but it’s still fast to provide that extra distance for players who need it.

For more technical specs, see our post on the DT TruSoft’s release

Titleist DT TruSoft Sleeve

Our Experience with the Titleist DT TruSoft

First things first: the DT TruSoft is softer than the DT Solo — in fact, it’s the softest ball Titleist has ever made. The DT TruSoft’s compression numbers fall in the mid 50s, and that’s 15 points softer than the DT Solo. Titleist introduced a softer ball after the massive success of the NXT Tour S.

Low compression balls can have a tendency to balloon with faster swing speeds, but the DT TruSoft has a surprisingly low and piercing ball flight. The lower trajectory combined with the drag-reducing dimple design means the DT TruSoft gets a lot of roll out. It doesn’t carry particularly long, but it walks a mile after it lands.

Trajectory expectations were set after the driver, but ultimately the DT TruSoft has a pretty normal flight with irons. It launches, well, averagely. It doesn’t jump high off the face, it doesn’t feel hot, but it isn’t low. That’s a good thing though. Drives with long roll left us expecting similar results with irons, but the DT TruSoft seemed to land steeply and stick. Pin seeking with the DT TruSoft is approved.

Titleist DT TruSoft Titleist

A surprising outcome in the Titleist DT TruSoft review was the amount of spin with wedges that was available. It performs closer to a ball with a urethane cover, and that’s when its value starts to peek through.

To be frank, putting is putting . . . it rolls true and is easy to lag, so that’s out of the way.

Generally for a ball in this price range, there are two questions: “What does it feel like?” and “What does it sound like?” The DT TruSoft isn’t “muted” as softer golf balls are often described. It has a nice pop and its feel backs the sound up. It is by no means a marshmellow, but it isn’t as crisp as a ProV1.

The DT TruSoft is everything you’ve come to expect from Titleist. It’s predictable, consistent, and durable. It’s a competitive ball in the entire sub $30 range, and at $21.99, its reign of unmatched value should be long. 

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