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Bender Gloves Review: Colorful Options at a Great Price, Without Sacrificing Quality Shopping for golf gloves involves a bit of a mental cost versus benefit analysis. There are a...

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Bender Gloves Review: Colorful Options at a Great Price, Without Sacrificing Quality

Shopping for golf gloves involves a bit of a mental cost versus benefit analysis. There are a lot of budget gloves on the market, but do they perform well-enough to avoid paying over $20 for something more durable? On the other hand, do the premium gloves which can  run upwards of $30 provide enough extra benefits to justify their high cost over less expensive options?

Having shopped plenty of budget golf gloves, we’re usually not too impressed. Our tried and true sub-$20 glove has been the Titleist PermaSoft, but other options in the budget market have left us disappointed, and the option of showing some personality with color? Forget about it.

With Bender Gloves we think we’ve stumbled upon a happy medium between cost and benefits, performance and style.

For our review we took a look at both the Bender Glove Synthetic and Spandex gloves. Both of these gloves sell for $14.99.

The Synthetic and Spandex gloves share a Cabretta palm with reinforced patch. The Synthetic glove has a synthetic upper which comes in eight colors with spandex inserts between the fingers. The Spandex glove has a four-way stretch spandex upper which comes in sixteen colors and designs. All Bender Gloves come in left and right hand options for both men and women from size small to extra-large. The only thing Bender Gloves does not offer at this time is cadet sizing.

The Spandex glove has a very nice fit thanks to, well… the spandex. It is very comfortable, flexes well over the hand, fit true to size, and was also fairly breathable. The Synthetic glove has a soft, leather-like overall feel but did not provide quite as good of a fit as the Spandex.

We found that the reinforced palm of both glove styles gripped equivalent to most other gloves in the $12-18 price range. What we were most impressed by, however, was the durability. After a month of play, including weekly range sessions and a few rounds of golf, the gloves looked barely worn and ready for more punishment. Considering the speed at which we’ve torn through FootJoy’s budget entries, we were really pleased with the Bender Gloves.

The real appeal of Bender Gloves is, of course, the wide variety of colors and patterns offered. To find other color gloves you’re looking at spending almost $10 more for the FootJoy Spectrum ($24), or $35 for one from G/Fore, the brand that popularized color gloves. 

Bender Gloves are a great option for the golfer who is looking to add fun and personality to their look without breaking the bank or sacrificing too much in the way of performance. Bender Gloves goes toe-to-toe against other gloves in its class. For $15 you aren’t going to get the amazing feel of premium Cabretta leather, but you will get an eye-catching glove that lasts



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