Bombtech Golf Grenade Wedge Review

Bombtech Golf Grenade Wedge Review: Pull the Pin on a Precision Club? Bombtech already has bookends to its line with the Bombtech Golf Grenade Driver and the Grenade Putter, and now they’re...

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Bombtech Golf Grenade Wedge Review: Pull the Pin on a Precision Club?

Bombtech already has bookends to its line with the Bombtech Golf Grenade Driver and the Grenade Putter, and now they’re starting to fill the middle space with the Bombtech Golf Grenade Wedge.

So how does a company who’s name infers power do when making a precision scoring club? Let’s find out, but first, below are the technical specs on the Bombtech Golf Grenade Wedge. We’re testing the 56*

From Bombtech:

Wedge Basics

– Maximum Groove Depth 

– Tighter Groove Pattern 

– CNC Milled Face for Spin on Square and Open Shots


– Lie: 64*

– Bounce: 8*

– Loft: 56*

– Head Weight: 308 Grams

– Swing Weight: D4

– Shaft: Stepped Steel

– Wedge Length: 35 1/2 Inches

– Grind: Light C Grind


The Bombtech Golf Grenade Wedge is a simple, classic design. It has a short face, rounded toe, and a not-too-thin-not-too-thick topline. The shape is very similar to the Ben Hogan wedges that we reviewed a short while ago. The finish is best described as a satin chrome, and the high contrast grenade stamped on the toe is a nice touch.

How Does the Bombtech Grenade Wedge Perform?

Playing golf in Seattle during the winter means conditions are going to be wet and soft, so we would have liked a little more bounce. It made opening the face up somewhat challenging at first, and generally you want higher bounce if you’re playing out of the sand, so we had a couple of heavy bunker shots. If you’re already a digger with your wedges, then be aware that this wedge might be difficult to hit. That said, shots from the rough near the green were effortless as the Grenade easily slid through the grass and right under the ball.

One look at those grooves and you know it’s going to grab some balls . . . the Bombtech Golf Grenade Wedge spins easier than a Maytag. If Bill O’Reilly golfed, he would hate the Bombtech Golf Grenade Wedge . . . you know because of his whole “no spin zone” thing. Enough of the puns. It’s very easy to spin the ball with the Grenade Wedge, and we like it.

On hole locations close to the edge of the green with little room to work, this wedge sits. Knowing that it will check so easily inspires real swing confidence, and it convinces you to be creative. That ease of spin, however, means that getting the ball to run out requires a decent amount of attention to detail in execution. Be careful to not leave it short.

On short shots, the Bombtech Grenade Wedge is more than competent. On full shots, it’s a magic stick (credit to 50 Cent). The swing weight feels perfect, the leading edge doesn’t want to dive, it gets the ball up easier than most wedges out there, and its carry is decently long. On more than one occasion, there were glances to the sole to make sure it still said “56”. For us, the distance seemed closer to a 54 or 52 degree wedge — that distance with that height? Yeah, we’ll take it.

Final Thoughts on the Bombtech Grenade Wedge

Because of our playing environment, we’d like more bounce options. If you live in a dry region, then you won’t need to worry. This will be a great option. 

The Bombtech Golf Grenade Wedge launches the golf ball with more ease than most wedges out there, and sometimes that means a golfer has to sacrifice workability. That’s not the case here. The grooves carry all the way out to the toe, so strikes anywhere on the face is going to turn the ball.

Oh, did we mention the price? Yeah, the Bombtech Golf Grenade Wedge is only $69. That’s cheap, and that price immediately jumps it up the ladder of suitable buying options for the average golfer. Combine that with Bombtech’s 60 day return policy, and you have to try them. Who can’t put together $69 for a wedge? They’re nearly disposable at that price!

Head over to to learn more about their Genade Wedge and the rest of the Grenade family.


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