Snell Golf My Tour Ball Review

Snell Golf My Tour Ball Review: Get Them Before They Realize They’re Selling Them Too Cheap People know golf names: Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade. But people rarely know the names behind...

Snell Golf My Tour Ball Review: Get Them Before They Realize They’re Selling Them Too Cheap

People know golf names: Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade. But people rarely know the names behind big golf names, and that could prevent golfers from learning about alternative brands, brands who put their money where their mouth is. Snell golf is one of those brands.

Dean Snell, after whom the company is clearly named, has a significant background in golf ball construction. During his seven years with Titleist, Snell had a part in developing the Pro V1, and he arguably established TaylorMade as a contender in the ball market after developing products like the Penta, Lethal, and Tour Preferred. So he’s legit. Now he’s using his experience to develop his own tour level ball conveniently named the My Tour Ball

Snell My Tour Ball Construction

The Snell Golf My Tour Ball is a 3-piece construction, “tour caliber golf ball engineered to provide outstanding tee to green performance . . .” At the center is a low compression core developed to have a soft feel while minimizing driver spin. The mantle layer continues what the core started by allowing more consistent spin control with irons. And the first thing you feel when you take a My Tour Ball out of the sleeve is the urethane cover like you would find on all premium balls.



As noted above, the Snell My Tour Ball has a low compression core with the intention of aiding the player with spin control from the tee, and it seems to more than proficient in that category.

Dean Snell doesn’t want to wander into the territory of selling balls based on their distance because he doesn’t believe anybody should make distance their first consideration. Snell must say that with a bit of tongue-in-cheek because the Snell My Tour Ball was traveling longer than our comparison balls. Not monstrously long — a couple of yards on clean strikes — but it was a funny outcome given it’s a company that is just short of saying, “don’t worry about distance.”

The trajectory isn’t high, nor is it piercing. It doesn’t land too steeply on drives, and rollout is of the average variety. It’s distance is predominantly through carry, and we’d attribute that to the low-spinning core. It is easy to keep the Snell My Tour Ball in the fairway.

As far as the opinion qualities are concerned, the feel of the My Tour Ball on drives is firm, not hard, and definitely not clicky. The sound corroborates the feel. It’s not a loud ball, but it sounds like a three-piece ball.Snell Logo Behind Drop Shadow


The Snell My Tour Ball is described as a tour level ball, and generally you don’t define a tour level ball by its performance off the tee, especially among amateur and leisure golfers. The sentiment is to just get it out there and worry about the next shot when you get to it, hopefully in the fairway. You start to see the pros and cons of a ball when you put it to the iron. How it launches, how it lands, its trajectory, how responsive it is to shaping are the things you weed out with irons.

Snell Golf’s My Tour Ball doesn’t do anything drastically unique on iron strikes, and that’s a great thing. It is entirely responsive and representative of what you, the player, does to it. You want it high? It will go high. Need to keep it low because of a lie or conditions? Punch it. It’ll stay low. Shaping the Snell My Tour Ball is as good as you are at placing your shots. It won’t spin out of control, but it will sit upon landing from any distance . . . or it will roll out, and you might want that. We’re very much trying to emphasize the top level responsiveness that you get from the My Tour Ball.

We were testing the Snell My Tour Ball against two other premium-construction balls. It didn’t blow them out of the water, but it most definitely didn’t lag behind them either. Through the paces, the My Tour Ball stayed with its competitors step-by-step. That’s saying a lot for a young brand, and people should be listening.Snell Golf My Tour Ball Side Drop Shadow


It’s a pretty safe theory that you find out more about a ball the closer you get to a green, and, given Dean Snell’s pedigree, his prior success created a giant hill of expectation for the My Tour Ball to climb. Well, Consider Dean Snell Sir Edmund Hillary (look him up if you have to) because he’s summited that mountain of expectation.

From 100 yards in, the Snell My Tour Ball should without a doubt be considered among the ranks of elite balls. It’s not a spin monster, but it will hop and stop, check, spin back . . . I know that I’ve said this before, but the only limitations of the Snell My Tour Ball are those of the golfer.Snell Golf My Tour Ball Bright Drop Shadow

Snell Golf My Tour Ball: Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing that you can hold against Snell Golf, it’s that you can’t drop by a sporting goods store or your pro shop to test a sleeve for yourself. The My Tour Ball isn’t the next step in golf ball evolution as far as performance is concerned, but it is an evolution in performance per dollar. The Snell Golf My Tour Ball is slightly longer than it’s premium competitors, and it will do all of the same things around the green that they will. At $31.99, the determining factor for the My Tour Ball is the player — preference, not performance, will be the decider.

Durable, high performing, cheap . . . what kind of black magic are you working with, Dean Snell?

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