KJUS Winter 2016 Apparel Review

KJUS Winter 2016 Apparel Review We first got acquainted with KJUS  a few months back and recently had the opportunity to get our hands on some of the Winter...

KJUS Winter 2016 Apparel Review

We first got acquainted with KJUS  a few months back and recently had the opportunity to get our hands on some of the Winter 2016 collection. We were not disappointed.

When shopping for winter golf gear, you can bet you are going to get exceptional performance and quality from a company that got its start in alpine sports. KJUS is equally devoted to making golfers as comfortable on the tee box as skiers are on the moguls, evidenced by parking their headquarters next to the Golfpark Holzhäusern in Switzerland.

KJUS Jackets

KJUS Caliente JacketUndeniably, our favorites from KJUS’s Winter 2016 line up were the Men’s Caliente and Ladies’ Calienta jackets.

The jackets are the same construction, cut for men and women. These full zip jackets may look like any other zip-up layer but the Caliente is a stealth piece of performance outwear.

To the touch the jackets are soft and cozy, made from a polyester-elastane blend that offers what KJUS refers to as “powerstretch”.

The fabric offers a reasonable amount of insulation — the jacket over a polo was plenty warm in 40 degree weather for this Florida native — while also working hard thanks to KJUS’s Fast-Dry and Pure finishes, which give the jacket quick drying, temperature optimizing, and antimicrobial functionality. 

KJUS Vests

Winter golf clothing is all about getting the right layers to stay comfortable on the course. Vests are a great option for adding extra warmth or wind stoppage to your outfit while leaving your arms unhindered to swing.

KJUS Dorian VestThe men’s Dorian vest is an extremely lightweight windbreaker vest with lots of stretch. Despite its paper thin appearance this little vest packs a big punch. The vest is designed to fold up easily for storage in your golf bag, taking up very little if any space, so that you’ll be prepared at all times for cool or inclement weather. The vest receives KJUS’s highest windproof rating among its lineup.KJUS Novalight Vest

The women’s Novalight vest takes a very different approach to being prepared for the elements. The Novalight’s pink and peach colorway was a welcomed pop of color among the rest of KJUS’s muted palette. The puffy pastel vest might look “cute”, but it’s actually a purpose driven piece of apparel inspired by Japanese precision. 

The Novalight showcases unique geometric stitching with goose down panels over the chest and back that provide insulation. A stretch material insert in the middle back allows for unrestricted swing motion. The bottom third of the of the vest is a thin polyester shell to take away bulk away from the mid-section so that the arms can move freely throughout the swing

KJUS Base Layers

KJUS Kulm Pullover

The men’s Kulm pullover is a 100% merino wool sweater which is ultra soft and well-fitted. 

It sports underarm ventilation construction, which makes the sweater a great dual purpose garment. You’ll look sharp at work and on the course in this warm, yet breathable, layer.

With a few months of winter left to endure there’s no reason to be avoiding the course entirely, not with exceptional winter golf wear from KJUS. Check out their website to learn more about the Winter 2016 collection and click here to find out where to find KJUS apparel near you. 


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