Vice Golf Pure Glove Review

Vice Golf Pure Glove Review: Style Matched by Performance Your hands are the connection between you and the club. The quality of that connection will ultimately be the difference between...

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Vice Golf Pure Glove Review: Style Matched by Performance

Your hands are the connection between you and the club. The quality of that connection will ultimately be the difference between putting for birdie and diving into your bag for another ball. So why do so many golfers put such little consideration into their glove selection? Many golfers go with the cheapest option they can find, but is that because most golfers are painfully frugal? Or, is it because they don’t want to pay top dollar for something they’ll burn a hole through by their third round? 

Vice Golf has a solution for the price and durability problem, and they throw in a dash of style for good measure with their Vice Pure Glove.

If the rubberized, ziplock package the Vice Pure Glove comes in was any indication of the build quality of the glove itself, then we were going to be pleased. We immediately were. It’s hard to say there is any glove, premium or otherwise, that can match the soft, smooth pure lamb leather of the Vice Golf Pure Glove. 

Vice Golf Pure Glove Packaging

Vice’s only glove option is finished in Antarctic White with a grey accent at the wrist. The cover of the velcro strap features the company’s logo also in a clean white format with black lettering. The theme of the Vice Pure Glove is most definitely clean and classic. The only portion of contrast is the orange tag on the side of the hand that features the Vice logo.

The inside of the Vice Golf Pure Glove doesn’t depart from the premium feel of the outside. It’s less grippy inside, and it goes on and comes off without any stretching or tugging. And for genuine leather, the Pure Glove breathes very well — there was never an instance of sweaty palms. Putting the glove on feels like you need one for the other hand to wear while driving your vintage Ferrari. It’s a classy glove.

Vice Golf Pure Glove Packaging Back

Alright, on to the goods: how does it perform?

The first range session with the Vice Golf Pure Glove made us believers. How does this glove feel so good and feel like it’s almost not there at the same time? It provides confident grip, but it doesn’t stick excessively preventing the club from releasing naturally. The Pure Glove lets you grip without strangling the club.

We do have to mention one thing, however. After the second range session the glove had somewhat noticeably stretched across the palm. It wasn’t glaringly obvious, it didn’t significantly obstruct things, it didn’t make swinging any more difficult, and it certainly didn’t change our opinion of the glove. It just stretched a bit, and that was it — over half a dozen range sessions since, and it has kept its shape. It needs to be noted for the people who like their gloves to fit like surgical latex. Like any other leather, the Vice Pure Glove will break in and settle on its shape.

Vice Golf Pure Glove Hero

So we’ve said that it’s kept the same shape after the second-ish range session, which is a good thing, but the more impressive characteristic is the surprising lack of wear that the Vice Pure Glove is still showing. That perhaps is the main selling point of this glove. You don’t often come across a glove with this type of quality construction and feel with lasting durability.

Vice isn’t going to empty your wallet with the Pure Glove either. For the premium performance of the Pure Glove, you will pay a very reasonable $19.95 . . . for one. If you buy three or more, the price drops to $15.95 per glove, and that’s plenty of reason to buy the Vice Pure Glove in bulk.

If you want a little more style in your game without sacrificing quality and performance, give the Vice Golf Pure Glove a shot.

Vice Golf Pure Glove Palm

One Comment
    Phil Millman
    10 April 2017 at 8:42 pm

    I recently purchased the 5 dozen set from vice Golf. I am 64 recent left knee replacement and a 2 Hdc true my golf club plays 7k yards in north Texas. As I’ve aged distance and playability have been a challenge. I was an avid ProV1 player, the new ball is very good. One day while browsing a Golf site I came across the Vice Golf Ball. My first instinct was to pass the advertisement and move on. After all how can any ball be compared to a Prov1. I then found some interesting videos with exceptional data. After much research I took the challenge, being more interested in quality and playability than price, after all its Golf.

    Feel: I purchased the Pro model, and wow, it’s in my opinion better than a ProV1 through the green. Off the Driver it’s more responsive with less side spin action. My Irons held their line better, with improved ball flight. A little lower than a ProV1. Putting was even better, the ball has a beautiful on the putter feel and sound. I even holed more putts.

    Distance: I was the most worried at first. Having to work harder to compress the ball losing distance wasn’t an option. From the first hole I could immediately tell this is some exceptional ball. I would say its at least as long as the ProV1 and maybe longer due to a little extra land and roll feature.

    Ball Movement: I found the Vice Pro to be easy to navigate left or right, knock down shots and high shots are very good. Bunker shots are even better than a ProV1 because of the feel.

    Durability: I heard a number of players comment thought the Vice wasn’t as durable as a ProV1 which was a concern. Why pay half the price if you need to use twice as many balls. I’ve played 18 holes without any scuff marks or blemishes more than once. I would say it’s even better than a ProV1.

    Best feature(s): This ball is very special in two ways. It lands on our greens Tiff Eagle grass, running about 10 to 11 on a daily basis perfectly. Expect a slight stop and reverse action but not much on a consistent basis. That means chipping is exceptional. This ball will save about 2 to 3 shots per round, period.

    I am a buy American first type person, most Texans are. This Vice Pro is so exceptional it’s the only ball in my bag because at 64, with a mechanical left knee I need every advantage I can get. Don’t hesitate buy this ball it will make your game better.

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