Biion Golf Shoes Review

What if you had shoes that you can spray with a hose to get them looking brand new? That's basically what Biion Footwear offers with their shoes, but they also have enough style and versatility that you don't need to wear them on the golf course only -- that's an honest statement.
Biion Golf Shoes Camo Pattern Profile

Biion Golf Shoes Take a Classic Idea, Add Some New-age Tech, and Splash in Some Modern Style

New shoes are great. They look good, they feel good. When you get new kicks you get a little more pep in your step. You start posing everywhere to draw attention to the new shoes, and you do things like crossing your legs while sitting and wiggling your foot until someone compliments you on your stellar taste in footwear. Then you get home and notice a stain on them after the first day of wear, and you proceed to brush them ferociously, using your tears as cleaning solution, cursing the shoe gods for taking your beloveds so soon.

This cycle makes the whole shoe buying process stressful from the inception. You know it’s inevitable while you’re looking at them in that tiny foot mirror at the store, and it’s even worse for golf. You buy the coolest new foot gear of the season knowing full well that you’re going to be walking into some mud, you’re going to be in a bunker, and, after enough beers, you’re going to try playing the ball that’s in six inches of water. The clean life span of a shoe in golf depends on how good you are, but either way they are doomed to a short life and a dirty grave.

But what if you had shoes that you can spray with a hose to get them looking brand new? That’s basically what Biion Footwear offers with their shoes, but they also have enough style and versatility that you don’t need to wear them on the course only — that’s an honest statement. I wore the shoes two days before even stepping foot on the course.

Biion golf shoes are constructed from EVA, something that’s present in many athletic shoes, but Biions are entirely constructed from the material. This gives them their lightweight property, it also makes Biion golf shoes waterproof and washable. They are naturally shock absorbent, they’re anti-microbial so your foot stank won’t saturate them, and they’re flexible. So the better question is why would you ever take them off? Wear them to bed because they’re breathable. Jump straight in the shower because they’re waterproof . . . they might be the perfect shoe!

Biion Golf Shoes Pattern Classic


For someone who hates tying shoes and is constantly ruining the shoe’s heel from shoving and grinding his foot into it, the Biion golf shoes are perfect. Slide your foot in, step all over it, Biion shoes keep their shape without bending or cracking, and considering the twisting and torquing that occurs during a swing, that’s a good thing. There’s a tiny bit of creasing at the toe, but I mean tiny. Unless someone is kicking you in the face with a pair of Biion shoes, you won’t notice the creasing.

Surprisingly the Biion golf shoes provide a pretty stable base. They’re not flexible to the extent that you’re bending all over the place or rolling over onto your front foot — despite being EVA, the midsole is quite rigid. The only thing to note is that it is loose around the ankle. If you’re interested in the new high-top golf shoes trend because you need the extra support for your wafer-thin ankle bones, steer clear of the Biions. If you like a lot of movement when shifting your weight in your swing, these are great.

Finally, the honeycomb cleat design is a spikeless construction with a hexagon pattern to stick you to the turf, and it works. is located in the Greater Seattle area of Washington, so the course conditions are generally pretty soft . . . and wet. There was never an issue with slipping with the Biion golf shoes. They impressed on all accounts.

Biion Golf Shoes Sole



How many of us base our shoe purchasing decisions on the economics or capability of a shoe? Yeah, it has to be able to do its job, but generally its job takes a back seat to its looks, and the Biion golf shoes lineup has loads of style. They’re shape is a classic design, but the patterns add a modern look that makes them suitable for so many looks and outfits. Biion has solid colors that look great, they have classic patterns so you can rock Bobby Jones’ style, but we’re partial to the patterns. Our favorite was the Camo (our review style), but a close second was the Luau. That was until their latest pattern, Black Camo, came out. Biion has enough options to satisfy everyone.


Biion golf shoes start at $99, the highest price is $109 for select patterns and designs, but the overwhelming majority of options are $99. Biion shoes can be purchased online, but they are starting to make their way into select retail locations and country clubs around the country. Check their locations here so you can get your feet in a pair.

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