Cobra KING F6 Baffler Specs & Info

The Baffler has been a staple for Cobra Golf for years. So it’s a welcomed piece of nostalgia to see Cobra bring it back . . . oh, yeah,...

The Baffler has been a staple for Cobra Golf for years. So it’s a welcomed piece of nostalgia to see Cobra bring it back . . . oh, yeah, and it was a workhorse, so the idea of the a Cobra KING F6 Baffler makes us kind of giddy.

Cobra KING F6 Baffler Frankenstein


Those rails, that’s what has always been the money maker for the Baffler. The idea behind them is that they improve turf interaction with the club. Lies in deep rough, a ball sitting in a divot, wet or dry course conditions, the Baffler’s rails “skid” across the ground to keep the club from digging. Ultimately it became almost the ideal utility club, but now it has gotten an upgrade. The new Cobra KING F6 Baffler has interchangeable weights (15g and 3g) in the front and back of the head.


Cobra KING F6 Baffler and Prototype


What else? The Cobra KING F6 Baffler already reigns over utility clubs, but Cobra wants to make its rule undeniable and keep the peasants in line. So the Cobra KING F6 Baffler’s shaft length is a hair shorter than average (41.75″) to provide more versatility in those sticky situations. 

Shorter shaft length. Forging rails. This means the Cobra KING F6 Baffler is a rescue club that launches higher for poor lies, and the place for it in your bag is closer to a 5-wood spot.

Cobra KING F6 Baffler Toe

It comes with Cobra’s MyFly8 adjustable hosel that can be adjusted from 16 to 19 degrees. Draw bias can be added in 16.5, 17.5, and 18.5 degrees. The Cobra KING F6 Baffler’s shorter stock shaft is a Matrix Red Tie Q4 that comes in the usual flexes (regular, stiff, x-stiff, and lite). It will hit retailers May 1, 2016 at a price of $239.

Cobra KING F6 Baffler Hero

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