Devel Golf: the Devil Is In the Details

Devel Golf found a way to make a divot tool cool, and we appreciate that!

Devel Golf Found a Way to Make a Divot Tool Cool

How do you review a divot tool? A better question is why would you review a divot tool? Does something that’s frequently and somewhat adequately replaced by a tee deserve a review? Generally, the answers to those questions are pretty straight forward: Who knows? Who knows? No. That is unless the divot tool was developed with a sense of design, style, and went through testing instead of simply cutting a shape from a piece of steel. Devel Golf put some thought into the real-world practicality of divot tools and found that the traditional design wasn’t cutting it.

Devel Golf is a UK-based company founded by two brothers who thought divots would be repaired more efficiently by a tool that had three prongs: one prong for either side of the divot, and a middle prong to lift the center of the divot. Conveniently enough, the idea behind their design aptly suits their name in that it’s a tiny pitchfork.

Devel Golf Divot Repair Tool Case

With every media sample and test product sent to us, their is invariably a divot tool included in the package . . . we’re up to our eyeballs in divot tools. But do we ever take any of them to the course? No. Why? Because the reality is that a tee can do the job, maybe not well, but it does it nonetheless, and you always have a tee in your pocket. So perhaps the most meaningful thing a divot tool can do aside from fixing your craters is look good. It might not be Devel Golf’s core concern, but the bottom line is that the overwhelming reason the Devel divot tool will stay in my bag is because it’s really cool. An undeniable facet of golf culture is customization, differentiation, and being able to show off gear to your buddies, whether it’s a driver or a divot tool. The Devel divot tool fits that bill.

Devel Golf Divot Repair Tool Sleeve

Customization with the Devel divot tool is done through the magnetic ball marker in the handle. You can have the standard Devel logo, or you can have the flag of one of the four countries of the commonwealth as your marker! Did I mention that this is a UK-based company? Perhaps in the near future Devel will expand the design options for the marker.

Devel has recently rolled out a new ball marker to accompany their repair tool and their tees which also have an element of cool but are impressively durable as well.

It almost feels like a cop-out to say that the Devel Golf divot tool’s best asset is its looks because it has some “brains” too — it gets the job done more efficiently than other tools . . . but we like it mostly because of its looks. Find out more about the company and its products at

Devel Golf Divot Repair Tool Standing

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