Callaway GPSY Watch Review

Callaway's last attempt at a GPS watch was at best forgettable, and at worst, memorable for how ugly it was. The GPSy Watch is Callaway's apology for that monstrosity.

Callaway GPSy Watch Review: Did Callaway Improve on the GPSync?

You can spend countless hours at the range, you can hit the ball on the same spot of the face to within a millimeter over and over, and you’re a regular Bob Ross when it comes to course strategy . . . you see angles of attack others don’t see until you’ve played it . . . you’re an artist! But all of that is wasted if you walk up to a shot and hit a 7-iron where an 8 would have done the job, and if you don’t want to pull out a range finder on every shot only to look like you’re bird watching during a round, then the Callaway GPSy Watch is what you want.

Callaway GPSy Watch Hero

A review of the past Callway GPS watch, the GPSync, was published on this site, and while it performed well enough — it was very accurate on distances, and it was comfortable to wear — it had a handful of drawbacks, most notably it was ugly, and its retail price was well above competitors. That prevented it from a high rating. Callaway heard complaints, and they did something unique among most companies: Callaway listened to the public, and they made significant improvements with the Callaway GPSy Watch.

The Callaway GPSy Watch is much more comfortable than the GPSync and its stiff, rubber band. Callaway used a much more flexible band with the GPSy watch. It stays in place better, it’s easier to fasten, and there is no comparison in looks. The same goes for the face of the watch as well. Where the GPSync looked like it came out of a cereal box, the Callaway GPSy Watch is modeled more after the Apple iWatch. Unlike its predecessor, you wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear the Callaway GPSy away from the course.

As said above, the last Callaway GPS watch was outstanding in terms of performance, and that hasn’t changed with the GPSy. 

Callaway GPSy Watch Back


  • Preloaded with over 30,000 golf courses worldwide
  • Accurate distances to front, center, and back of green
  • Accurate layup and carry distances to hazards and doglegs
  • Auto-hole advancement
  • Shot distance measurement
  • Scorekeeper tracks scores, GIR, and putts per round
  • Odometer
  • Analog and digital time display
  • Time and date automatically set by satellite
  • Battery lasts 8-12 hours in GPS mode
  • 90+ days battery life in time mode

The battery is the most astounding aspect of the Callaway GPSy Watch. No piece of technology ever lives up to its claimed battery life, but the GPSy might be the exception. After two rounds, it still had battery left — it might not make it through a whole third round, but that would be asking too much.

Finally, the price, a deal-breaker for the last Callaway GPS watch that shall no longer be named, is another vast improvement with the Callaway GPSy Watch. Currently it retails for $179.99 and that makes it very competitive on all fronts.

Quit looking for sprinkler heads, markers, or that tree you remember. Just look down at your wrist.


One Comment
    10 June 2016 at 6:40 am

    I have a question, does the gpsy allow you to link to your phone to receive text messages? I’ve seen some reviews say yes but I never see the feature in the product description. Thank you.

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