VR Golf on the Moon: the Future is Here

Dell, using the HTC Vive powered by Alienware, has made it possible for non-astronauts to play golf on the moon.

VR? Golf? THE MOON?! 12-year-old me’s head just exploded.

Dell is doing important things, and the most important thing of all is developing a VR golf experience where the user gets to play a course on the moon. The Alienware-powered Lunar Golf: The Future of Golf Experience on HTC Vives is visiting the WGC events this year. The Experience takes place inside of an inflatable dome that projects images and visuals of the moon. Attendees who participate have a lunar rover for a golf cart, select a club, and plan their shots with the moon’s gravity in consideration.

History buffs and space nerds will remember Alan Shepard pulling the first iron in space, and they will get the chance to one-up him.

alan shepard moon golf

Dell is looking for additional opportunities to show off Lunar Golf, but unfortunately we don’t have any footage of the new tech. So, in the meantime, take a gander at some VR golf, or rather putt-putt, brought to you by the guys at YouTube’s Funhaus. DISCLAIMER: the crew at Funhaus is a gaming channel, and they use very colorful language and make jokes that most of the golfing community will find immature and in poor taste. That’s why we like them.

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