Voice Caddie VC300 Review

Voice Caddie VC300 brings distance measurements to the tip of your hat... fingers... you know what I mean.
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Voice Caddie VC300 Review: Distance at the Tip of your Hat

It only takes one look to know that the Voice Caddie VC300 is different from your typical golf GPS device — there is no screen. That’s right, no screen. In a world of screen obsessed-boarding-on-addicted technology users, Voice Caddie took its VC line of GPS products in a very different direction. No fancy LED, LCD, blah-blah-D screen graces the VC300. Instead, Voice Caddie has equipped the VC300 with, yeah you probably guessed it, voice. 

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The screen-less VC300 is often praised for its simplicity and in style, yes, a solid-color piece of plastic is pretty simple, but I’d caution a look over the directions before you play your first round with it. The three main buttons do double, triple, or quadruple duty — depending on click direction and duration — to provide the device with all its functionality. So please, do yourself a favor and read the directions before you use it. Then bring the directions with you to the course in case you forget how to operate the VC300. Not something the author of this article experienced… just precautionary… right, so moving on…

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The VC300 is designed to clip to the bill of your hat, but could easily be clipped at your waist. Much like a GPS watch, it is easily accessible during your round. It comes pre-loaded with 30,000 golf courses, so there was no difficulty in finding my local tracks on the device once powered up and placed on the bill of my hat. And despite the variety of button maneuvers, after four or five holes I was in a groove with the Voice Caddie VC300.

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For quality control purposes the distances read by the VC300 were compared to a GPS watch and laser range finder. All devices lined up within 1-2 yards. The average golfer will love this device for easy access to distances to the green. Beginner golfers will also appreciate the VC300’s ability to read shot distances, so you can learn just how far you hit each of your clubs. Any golfer looking for more versatility, like spotting out distances to hazards, will want to stick to a laser range finder.

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Overall, the Voice Caddie VC300 is a great golf companion. I got two rounds in before needing to charge it up (done via USB) and personally, I found the lady’s voice pleasant. Perhaps Voice Caddie can offer a choice of celebrity voices in the future, a little Feherty on my hat would be pretty sweet … then again, ease of understanding might decline. I tested the VC300 in a very girly pink, but it is also available in black and in white.

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At $129 the VC300 is priced in the middle of the pack among golf GPS devices. Even though most of its competitors come with screens, the price still seems reasonable for all the VC300 offers. 

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Voice Caddie VC300 Stats

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