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Did you know the altitude at which you golf affects how far the ball will fly? If you’re going on a golf trip, check out our golf distance altitude calculator to see how it might impact your club selection.

black desert golf course in utah
Black Desert Golf Course, UT
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High elevation can have an extreme impact. If you played at Copper Creek Golf Course in Frisco Colorado, your 250-yard sea-level drive would go 280 yards!

Golf Altitude Calculator

Enter your home location and where you’ll be traveling, and we’ll check the difference in altitude to find out how to adjust your distances.

The table below displays how far a ball travels at home vs how far you can expect it to go at your destination.

Home Yardage Destination Yardage

How Does Altitude Impact Distance?

According to Titleist, the air at higher altitudes is less dense, which increases the distance the ball will travel. This calculation is done by multiplying the feet above sea level by .00116, giving you the percentage to adjust compared to if you’d played at sea level.

Because the air is less dense, it applies less force on the ball, making it slice and hook less. This also means it’s a little bit harder to shape your shots.

The longer the shot, the more impact you’ll notice.

How Should I Adjust for This Change?

In most cases, only a large elevation change will impact how you should play. Typically, it will be an adjustment of one club up or down on longer shots or mid-length shots where you’re in between clubs. Think of this as similar to adjusting for a slight up/downhill shot or wind.

I recently took a trip to Utah to play at Black Desert, and the feeling of the extra distance was similar to hitting all of my iron shots pure at their maximum distance.


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