The Best Golf Gifts

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We’ve gathered some of our favorite golf products to help you find the perfect golf gifts for any golfer on your Christmas (or other) list. But, of course, if you want to buy a few of these gifts for yourself, we won’t blame you!

best golf gifts

Golf Gear for the Course

First off, here is some of our favorite gear for the course. These are some essential gear to have a comfortable, enjoyable round of golf. We’ve sorted each category by price from low to high so that you can find something in any price range.

Pro Tee System Golf Tees

Pro Tee System Golf Tees

Golf tees make a great inexpensive gift. Standard tees may be a bit boring, but these tees are sure to inspire a little more interest. They’re made of plastic, so they don’t break, but they also have a colored marking making it easier to set your tee to the same height every time you’re on the tee box.

They come in three sizes, blue being a good choice for those with modern drivers who tee it up high, yellow for those teeing up lower or hitting smaller woods.


golf towel set

Golf Towel Set

Golf towels are essential for cleaning off clubs during a round, as well as wiping off sweat or cleaning your hands. These microfiber towels are perfect for all these uses and come with a clip to attach to your golf bag.

As a bonus, they also include a divot tool and a cleaning brush that can also be attached to a golf bag for when things need a deeper clean.


Titleist pro v1 golf balls

Golf Balls

Golf balls might be an obvious choice for a golfer, but you really can’t go wrong with this gift. Golfers will burn through golf balls and always appreciate having more.

Depending on where you purchase them, you can customize the golf balls with a word or image.

If possible, take a look in your golfer’s bag to see what type of golf balls they use. As a golfer gets better, it’s more likely that they have specific brand loyalty. Some great options include:

  • Titleist Pro V1 – This is a premium golf ball that you can’t go wrong with.
  • Vice – A well-branded golf ball with customization options. Try the Vice Pro for most golfers and the Pro Plus for better golfers with a high swing-speed.
  • Callaway ChromeSoft – A softer feel high-quality golf ball.

$49 | Titleist

golf polos

Golf Polos

You can never go wrong with a new golf shirt. Travis Matthew is a playful brand with some funny branded t-shirts and a full range of golf clothing. Peter Millar is a premium clothing brand with comfortable fabrics.

Other brands to check out include Greyson and Rhoback. And if you like the funny t-shirts from Travis Matthew, check out Swing Juice.


puma ignite golf shoes

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes have gotten much more stylish over the years, and if your golfer has some outdated shoes, they’ll appreciate a refresh. These Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged shoes are some of the most popular options and come in various colors. I have been using them over the past season, and they do a great job of holding your foot tight and gripping the ground.


golf push carts

Push Cart

If your golfer is a walker, there’s nothing better than having a pushcart. It keeps the stress off your shoulders so you can keep swinging for 18+ holes and makes getting the health benefits of walking more attractive. These are two popular cart options, the Clicgear being the more expensive better-built option and the CaddyTek being a cheaper but well-reviewed option. It probably just comes down to your price range and how often you’ll use it.

Both of these pushcarts come in various colors and have accessories like storage, beverage, and umbrella holders.

$319 / $189

Golf Technology

These golf gifts are the envy of any techie or gearhead. Technology can bring your golf game to the next level!

bushnell golf speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re out to have some fun on the golf course, there’s nothing like having an excellent speaker to play some tunes! This Bushnell speaker not only has great sound, but it has some golf-specific features, like a magnet so it can mount to the frame of a golf cart and a rage-finder that can read out the GPS distance to the hole.


arccos smart caddie

Arccos Caddie Sensors

Arccos is an incredible tool for understanding and improving your golf game. The package includes a set of sensors that screw into your golf clubs and send data to an app on each shot.

This lets the app map out your entire golf round so you can learn which club to use, what parts of your game are going well, and where you can improve.


range finders

Range Finders

A range finder is a handy tool to have out on the course to get an exact distance to the pin or some other target (e.g., how far is the sand trap). The great thing about modern range finders is that they are faster to lock onto a target, suggest distances based on slope, and even adapt to weather and altitude on more expensive models.

Here are two of the top range finders in different price ranges. The Bushnell has the top quality optics and all the latest features, and the Precision Pro has a good feature set for a smaller price.

$479 / $199

Training Aids

These gifts are great for anyone who is looking to improve their game.

orange whip

Orange Whip Swing Trainer

The orange whip is a long-time favorite golf training aid. It helps practice the golf swing and improve rhythm, balance, tempo, strength, and flexibility.


perfect practice putting mat

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

You may have seen this mat as endorsed by pro golfer Dustin Johnson. Unlike most putting mats, it’s a great design that looks classy. It’s the perfect addition to a home office or living room. It comes in two variations, one with two targets and a smaller version with one.

$109 – $139

superspeed golf speed training

SuperSpeed Golf Training System

The SuperSpeed training system helps train your body and brain to swing the golf club faster and hit further. There have been many tour pros using this system to increase their distances, and you can do the same from the comfort of your home by following training videos with these weighted clubs.


Fun Gifts

These golf gift ideas aren’t exactly for the golf course, but rather some fun golf-related things to do.

top golf

Top Golf Gift Card

If you have a Top Golf in your area, this is an excellent gift for a golfer to get some relaxing practice in. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s like a bowling alley meets driving range with various game types you can play.


chippo game

Chippo – Chipping Game

This game combines chipping in golf with cornhole (aka bags). Use your wedge to chip the foam golf balls into the holes on the boards to earn points. A fun game for the backyard, park, or beach; plus, you can work on your golf skills simultaneously.


Books and Magazines

Finally, if you’re gifting to a reader, these are some of the best golf reads around!

harvey penick's little red book

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book

This is a classic golf book loved by players and fans of golf. It discusses the core of golf instruction—a must-read.

Some other great golf books include:


golf magazine

Golf Magazine

It’s fun to receive something new to read in the mail, and Golf Magazine is a good choice for covering tips, courses, news, gear, and pros. It’s a pretty broad mixture of things and always a good read.



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