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If you want to improve your golf game, you might consider Golftec and wonder if it’s worth it. I’ve taken years of lessons with them and gone from shooting in the 100s to shooting in the 80s. In this Golftec review, I’ll cover the pros and cons of using their coaches to start your game improvement journey.

Golftec golf lesson hitting bay
A hitting bay at Golftec. Showing the net, launch monitor, simulator screen, and replay screen.

How Does a Golftec Lesson Work?

The primary benefit of taking lessons at Golftec is that they’ve created an excellent environment for practice, reducing distractions and utilizing technology. When you take a lesson at Golftec, you’ll come into a local center, head into a private hitting bay with your coach, and hit shots on a launch monitor.

Each hitting bay has a simulated golf driving range to see how each shot flies. They also have front and rear-facing cameras to capture your shot in slow motion and track key metrics for how your body turns during the swing.

Using this technology, your coach can determine the weak spots in your swing, and you can get immediate visual feedback as you work to improve.

My Experience at Golftec

The Pros: How I dropped 10 strokes off my game

I started at Golftec after taking some lessons with teachers at public courses in my area. I had a slice and a typical score in the upper 90s to low 100s. Those lessons had been helpful, but the learning was slow, and I hoped the technology at Golftec might be helpful.

In my swing evaluation, my coach was able to point out several things we’d change about my swing and compare it to several pros so I could visualize the difference.

As I progressed through lessons, I found that using the slow-motion video capture helped me make swing changes much quicker than trying to make changes by feeling alone. The package I purchased included some practice time in the bay which was immensely helpful.

Using this technology provides immediate feedback and, when combined with a good coach to know where to point your focus, I think most high-handicap players should be able to make quick improvements.

They also provide a summary of what you’re working on, recordings of your swings, and links to supporting video lessons in their app that you can review anytime after each lesson.

This helped me stay motivated and improve my score from the 100s to the low 90s over a couple of years of work.

Golftec golf lesson video replay controller
Golftec video controller allows you to replay your golf swing at full speed or slow motion.

The Cons

In my initial couple of years at Golftec, there weren’t many negatives aside from being a bit spendy. However, I’d trade the cost for the extra enjoyment I’ve gotten from playing golf.

People may prefer to hit outdoors, not match well with their coach, or have bad experiences with turnover in coaches – but these are small issues if the lessons are working.

Once my scores got lower is when I decided to leave Golftec. I got to the point where improving my game further required some swing changes that my coaches at Golftec weren’t able to diagnose. Technology and a good coach can take you pretty far toward being a good golfer, but getting closer to being a scratch golfer requires an excellent coach.

This probably comes down to the best coaches working independently or at a course, as they can make more money per hour. Overall, until hitting that wall, my experience was excellent, and I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Getting Started with Golftec Lessons

Here’s a quick guide and some recommendations if you’re interested in taking lessons at Golftec.

Choosing a Coach

Start out by looking up your local Golftec. You can see who they list as coaches, and then you can google them for additional information. If you think one might be a better fit, you can request them when signing up. Otherwise, you can take an evaluation with any coach and they should be able to help you get started.

Swing Evaluation

I recommend buying a sixty-minute swing evaluation before signing up for any lesson packages. For around $100 – $125, this lets you meet with a coach, try out the Golftec center, get feedback on your swing, and get a plan for what you’ll work on if you purchase lessons.

Use this time to decide if you like the format of Golftec lessons and if you feel like the coach is a good match for you.

At the end of the evaluation, they’ll offer a lesson package to you. It’s totally fine to tell them you’d like to think about it and call in to make the purchase, or you might be impressed enough that you want to buy it on the spot.

Golftec app screenshots
Golftec app where you can book lessons and practice sessions, review past lessons, and view drills.

Golftec Lessons Pricing

Golftec pricing varies by region and what type of package you’re buying. Currently, in my area, lessons range from around $75 – $98. You can also find sales, typically in March and August.

This is on the higher side of golf lesson prices (but not unreasonable) because you’re paying for the technology, indoor space, and other overhead costs. Also, check out this article if you want general advice about taking golf lessons and prices.

Golftec sells lessons in packs of five up to fifty-two thirty-minute lessons or as part of a “game plan” package which includes lesson credits, video practice sessions, and a club fitting.

The video practice part of the package is a monthly membership (for 3-12 months) to book a bay online and practice between lessons. It’s a very useful offering if you don’t have access to your own golf simulator.

Other Golftec Services

Club Fitting

Golftec also offers golf club fitting. I recommend being fitted for golf clubs if you’re buying new clubs. The fee is waived as part of a package; otherwise, this costs around $95. Getting this done at Golftec is great if you have a coach you like working with. Otherwise, you might have a local store that can do this for free if you make a purchase (and they may also have a larger selection of demo clubs).

Alternate Lesson Types

Depending on your Golftec location, they may also offer several variations of lesson types.

Outdoor Lessons

My local Golftec had an agreement with a nearby course where they could teach outdoor lessons at a range and practice area. This can be a great addition, especially if you want to work on chipping or bunker shots in a realistic environment.

Playing Lessons

Golftec coaches may also offer the ability to do a playing lesson where they follow you as you play a partial round of golf. This might be helpful if you’re unsure what to work on or need course management advice.

Putting Lessons

I took one putting lesson while at Golftec and found it helpful. They had a decent size putting area in the center and used a tablet to record my putting stroke and gave me some advice to make some improvements.

Conclusion: Is Golftec Worth It?

If you’re a golfer shooting in the mid-nineties and above, lessons at Golftec are a no-brainer. It’s pricier than some options, but you’ll probably need less time to improve. As you shoot better scores, your coach will become more important, and you’ll need to make sure they have a good plan to improve your game. In this scenario, it’ll depend on what kind of talent your local Golftec has to offer.


  • Comfortable indoor space
  • Slow-motion video swing recording
  • App and website to review lessons online


  • Coach quality can vary
  • Higher cost than some lessons
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Golftec – 4.2/5

An excellent place for mid to high-handicap golfers to take lessons powered by the latest technology.


Do Golftec lesson credits expire?

Yes, lessons typically last three months to one year, depending on the package. Mine have lasted one year in the past.

Do Golftec credits go on sale?

Yes, but not often. They typically go on sale in March and again in August, near the beginning and the end of the golf season.

How should you dress at GolfTec? Do you wear golf shoes?

There is no dress code at Golftec. You should wear what you’re comfortable swinging a golf club in and wear golf or athletic shoes. I typically wore golf pants, a t-shirt, and my golf shoes.

How do you book lessons at Golftec?

You can book lessons online using the Golftec app, call the center, or pre-book your next lessons with your coach during your lesson.

How often should you take lessons?

Typically you should have about two weeks of practice time between lessons. Too short and you’ll just need to keep working on the same thing, too long and your previous lesson may not be as fresh as desired.


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