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The Grooveit brush innovates on the typical golf brush by letting you spray water on your club to get it squeaky clean. This tool has made my life easy for on-course and at-home club cleaning. In this Grooveit brush review, I’ll cover how it works and why you should add it to your bag.

the Grooveit brush hanging off my golf bag

Using the Grooveit Brush

The Grooveit brush has replaced the stiff metal brush I used to carry on my bag, and I recommend you consider adding it yourself. It’s even better than using a towel because it doesn’t dry out, and you won’t have to bring it in to throw it in the laundry.

The Spray

To fill this brush up with water, simply screw off the cap, fill it from the sink (or a water bottle), and tighten the cap back on. Then press down on the cap to spray from the center of the brush onto a club or a golf ball (or really anything else you might need to clean). I can play multiple rounds before needing to even consider refilling it.

The Brush

The brush on the Grooveit is sturdy, with just enough give to make brushing clubs easy. It works well for getting off basic dirt and debris, and a small spray of water does the trick for extra-tough jobs. Then, you can dry the club off on your towel.

The Magnet

This brush attaches to your bag with a carabiner clip connected to a powerful magnet. You’d have to really slam your bag into something to accidentally remove it, which is great. It’s so strong you’ll want to ensure you don’t pinch your fingers.

This magnet lets you either leave the brush on the bag for a quick brush or remove it for a deeper clean. I used to fill a bucket with water, bring my bag inside with a brush, and clean my clubs. Now, with this brush, my clubs are either always clean, or I can use this water-filled brush to scrub them anywhere.


  • Holds enough water to clean clubs for multiple rounds
  • Softer bristles than metal scrubbers
  • Doesn’t dry out like a towel


  • Can freeze in cold temps
  • Somewhat expensive
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If you leave your clubs in a cold garage or car trunk during the winter, empty the water from the Grooveit brush so it doesn’t freeze!

Grooveit Versions

When considering this Grooveit brush review, there are a couple of models, the regular and the newer miniG. I use the regular one and don’t have any issues with its size, but some people won’t want this larger brush on their bag and may opt for the tiny version. You’ll need to refill it more often, but usually, water isn’t too hard to come by on the course.

Grooveit and miniG comparison

Grooveit vs. Other Brushes

There are several reasons to pick this brush over other versions. Here are a few of my thoughts on various alternatives.

Metal brush tools

Compared to these brushes with bronze bristles, you don’t have to worry about the bristles snagging on something, hurting your hand, or scratching your club finish. With the water, you don’t need the extra stiffness.

Other water brushes

There are some other competitors making water brushes; the downsides of some of these brushes include

  • squeeze bottles that can leak when moving clubs around
  • poor seals on the bottle
  • weak magnets to attach the brush to your bag

Benefits of Clean Clubs

You might not think about how clean your clubs are having much of an impact, but Today’s Golfer found dirty grooves decreased ball speed by 7mph, backspin by 52.5%, and lowered the launch angle. Most importantly, this might impact your ability to stop the ball on the green.

Unlike the pros, you may not have a caddie to clean your clubs after every shot, so you can make it easy by adding a brush to your bag.

Grooveit brush thumbnail

Grooveit Brush – 4.9/5

The Grooveit brush makes it simple to keep your clubs clean and avoid losing green-holding spin.


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