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The Tee Claw is a multi-purpose golf accessory that allows you to hit real golf tees off a mat, provides an anchor for plastic tees on a simulator setup, and even works as an alignment tool on the range or the putting green.

tee claw review

How does the Tee Claw work?

The Tee Claw includes four claws that can twist into grass or a mat, and then you can place a tee into the center. The package also includes five lanyards that can be attached to a claw and used as a bungee for another tee device or another claw to use as an alignment aid.

Using a Tee Claw on the Driving Range

Have you ever gone to the driving range expecting to hit off the grass and been disappointed to find out you’ll need to hit off mats, and even worse, you’ll be hitting off an awkward rubber tee?

The Tee Claw is the ultimate solution to hitting off golf mats.

Its claws allow it to be embedded into the turf so you can place a tee into the center of it and it stays put as you hit balls. So now you can tee the ball up to your preferred height with your preferred tees. It works with any standard-size tee, plastic or wood, and even broken tees you find on the range.

How well does it work?

I’ve found that the claws do a great job of staying put in the ground over many hits, and you only occasionally may need to twist them in to tighten. Depending on how you’re striking the ball, the tees may still break, bend, or fly as they would on a typical tee-into-grass setup.

If the mat you’re hitting on is firm, you’ll find that because the tee doesn’t sink into the turf, it will sit up higher than expected. To overcome this issue, you can use standard-size tees (instead of taller, driver tees) or cut down tees to a specific size. I’ve found a snips works great to make these cuts.

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Cut down some golf tees and size them up using the Tee Claw on the carpet. Once you’ve cut the perfect size, use that as a template to make some copies. Then keep them in your bag for the next time you’re at the range.

I have yet to have any issues with wear and tear, so a pack of these should last you a long time. I’d imagine hitting irons with these may slowly wear down the plastic barbs, but they’re pretty sturdy, depending on your angle of attack.

Using the Tee Claw as a Training Aid

If you’ve ever taken golf training seriously, you’ve likely used an alignment stick or some other method of making sure you’re aiming where you intend. The Tee Claw can function as an alternative to the alignment stick and do things that an alignment stick isn’t well suited for. Some benefits include:

  • Small and easy to transport in a golf bag or carry
  • Can be placed closer to a golf ball without damaging something if it’s accidentally hit
  • Stays in place vs an alignment stick which can be moved if bumped
  • Lines can be crossed over each other

Here are some ideas of how they can be used (if you have other ideas that you’ve found helpful, share them in the comments below):

Feet and Ball Alignment

Align one or two sets of claws and lanyards parallel to each other, pointed in the direction of your target. This ensures you’re correctly aligning your feet to eliminate a potential factor in missed shots.

feet alignment

Ball Placement

Place one claw set pointed toward the target and the other from between your feet toward the ball. Use this line to ensure proper ball placement for the club type you’re using or to practice different alignments (e.g., driving with the ball farther forward).

ball placement alignment

Club Path

Either tee up the ball on one claw with the lanyard and other claw behind it along your intended club path, or place the first claw behind the ball if you’re hitting off the ground. This can be useful for visualizing your path or testing out the effect of changing your path.

club path alignment


You can use the tee claw as an alignment tool for your feet, similar to on the driving range, or as a chute to help align your putter path and help make sure you’re squaring the face and rolling the ball down your intended line.

tee claw putter alignment

Using the Tee Claw as an Anchor on a Golf Simulator

Tee Claws are a popular product for golf simulator users who want to use alternative types of golf tees. These tees are typically plastic cage-type tees that don’t break (though they wear out over time) and offer a consistent height. These work great if you don’t have a built-in teeing system, prefer not to use the Tee Claw as described above, or don’t have a mat that already accepts tees.

The Tee Claw functions as an anchor between the cage tee and the mat to prevent it from flying off and being chased down after every shot.

tee claw for golf simulator

I use this setup on my home simulator as it’s a speedy way to keep the tee in place and ready to go. I have had the lanyard slowly fray and break over time, but it can be cut and re-tied onto the cage for continued use. You can also purchase additional lanyards if necessary, but after a ton of use, I have yet to need to do this.

Some popular alternative tees that work for this setup include:



  • Makes using tees on golf mats easy
  • A helpful tool for alignment practice
  • Durable and easy to use


  • If you’re actively hitting the lanyards they slowly break down over time
  • Alignment sticks provide a slightly larger visual
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Tee Claw – 4.5/5

The Tee Claw is beneficial for various purposes and highly recommended for any golfer who hates hitting off mats with plastic “tube-tees” or wants to practice their alignment without traditional sticks.


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