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If you want to hit the golf ball further, prevent soreness, and build your overall strength, a golf-specific workout program like Fit for Golf might be an excellent option for you. I found it challenging to find a simple to implement golf workout. It seemed like most options required me to build my own workouts or hire expensive trainers.

Then, I found Fit for Golf, which I’ve used for over a year. Read on for our Fit for Golf review to learn how the program has benefited my health and golf game.

fit for golf app screens
The Fit for Golf App: list of workouts and active workout screens

My Thoughts on Fit for Golf

The best thing about Fit for Golf compared to other golf fitness options is that it has multiple programs laid out with example videos. This makes it incredibly easy to get started and plan out exactly what to do in each workout.

Mike Carroll, the founder of Fit for Golf, has designed many specific programs for different use cases; these include:

  • Fundamentals
  • 101 – Beginners
  • Off Season Training
  • Winter Strength
  • Golf Strong
  • Power Plan
  • In Season
  • Mobility
  • and more…

When I first got the app, one complaint I had was it wasn’t obvious which program I should be doing. Mike has added a helpful section on his website explaining the different programs. I’ve personally done the 101, Golf Strong, and Off-Season programs.

Each workout has three segments with three different workouts for the week. This gives you a wide range of exercises to keep things fresh and work different muscles. If you don’t have particular equipment for an exercise, most have a recommended replacement that you can substitute.

Fit for Golf workout detail screen
Fit for Golf workout detail screen

You can choose to do these workouts in a gym or purchase equipment to do them at home. If you’re working out from home, you’ll need some basic gear, including:

  • Bands or dumbells (or both)
  • Bench (if using dumbells)
  • I’ve also listed out all the gear that I’m using below…

The app is easy to use and tracks your previous max reps and weight, so it’s easy to repeat or increase once you’ve completed any of the workouts. The downside of the whole setup is that it’s built on top of a different platform rather than a custom app, so there’s a little bit of polish missing that you might find in some exercise apps. That’s an okay tradeoff, considering this is golf-specific.

The Results

In the year I’ve been using Fit for Golf, I’ve increased my driver distance by about ten to fifteen yards. The guys I’ve played with have been impressed to the point that they started calling me Bryson when I smash a drive (I don’t hit it anywhere near as far as he does). I’ve also noticed my endurance for hitting consistent full-powered shots for a full round has improved.


  • Golf-specific workouts
  • Easy-to-follow routines with helpful videos
  • Can sub out exercises to match your equipment


  • Can be difficult to decide where to start
  • App is built on another platform and lacks some polish

Why Golf-Specific Fitness Matters

While on my journey to improve my golf game, I decided fitness would be an essential component but found that general exercise didn’t translate to golf as well as I’d hoped. I think this is probably due to not covering the muscles needed for the golf swing and not training with any consideration for speed or fast-twitch muscle fibers.

light bulb - tip icon

I’m not super driven to work out, even if I do feel good afterward, but I’ve found that if I can use improving my golf game as inspiration, it motivates me to go work out when I’m feeling lazy.

My initial fitness plan was using the Fitbod app, which I highly recommend if you want a general strength and fitness program. But after seeing some of the workouts PGA Tour pros were doing, I noticed that there was quite a bit of difference and decided to look for some alternatives.

My Golf Workout Gear

golf workout gear

Here’s the gear that I’m currently using at home to do my golf workouts. I’ve sorted them according to how important they are to my experience. You can just get the bands as the simplest option, but it’s nice to have more variety. One other thing you might consider is a medicine ball, but I don’t have a good wall to throw one against.

Other Golf Fitness Options

I found several categories of golf workout information as I was on the search for a solid golf workout program. Here’s what I found and my thoughts on them:

  • Blogs and Articles – Golf Magazine and golf publications often have golf workouts, but they typically showcase a single exercise you’d have to clip and piece together your program. This is way too much work for me to consider.
  • YouTube – You can find some good golf exercises here, but again, it’s often one to five exercises that will be a pain to turn into a complete program.
  • Books – I bought a book called Fix Your Body Fix Your Swing, which I think is a good option with various workouts and assessments. It’s a good, slightly cheaper way to get started, but it wasn’t as intense or engaging as other options. It was worth reading to understand some golf fitness concepts.
  • Professional Training – If you look up TPI (Titlist Performance Institute), you can find personal trainers with specialized golf training certifications. This seems like a great option if you have the cash to spend here.
  • Golf Fitness Apps – There wasn’t much available here, but it is how I found Fit For Golf, GOLFWOD, and GolfForever. GOLFWOD looks excellent, but it looked to be more CrossFit-style (maybe I’ll try this in the future), and GolfForever required buying a specific tool and seemed aimed at more aging golfers (but I may try it at some point). Mobility Pro is a golf stretching app that I’ve also reviewed.
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Fit for Golf – 4/5

This is a great way to get started with golf-specific workouts without planning everything out yourself.


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