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The Net Return Pro Series V2 golf net is an excellent practice net for the backyard or an indoor golf simulator. It’s very sturdy and easy to set up and break down. In this Net Return review, I’ll cover all you need to know before deciding if it’s the right choice for you.

net return pro series golf net


The Net Return Pro Series V2 is a premium golf practice net that automatically returns the golf ball to the golfer. I purchased this net as part of my SkyTrak golf simulator setup. The primary reason I purchased this net was that it’d be set up in my garage and would be less expensive than purchasing an impact screen and a projector.

In addition to golf, the net can be used for football, soccer, baseball, softball, and lacrosse.

You can use the Net Return in your house, garage, or yard, allowing you to practice wherever you like. It also comes in several different sizes to fit your space. I have the 8′ wide by 7′ 6″ high version, but larger sizes are also available. These nets weigh between 29 and 49 lbs depending on the size.

Pro Standard8′7′ 6″3′ 6″
Pro Series Large 8′8′8′3′ 6″
Pro Series Large 9′9′8′3′ 6″
Pro Series Large 10′10′8′3′ 6″
Pro Series XL10′9′ 6″3′ 6″

The pricing on these nets ranges from $395 – $1,995 based on size. You can also purchase packages, including mats and accessories.

Choosing the Right Size

One concern about the net is purchasing the correct size. I have the smallest width net and have no issues with right or left shots, and if you tend to pull or push your shots, you probably need the side barrier accessories rather than a bigger net. You could certainly get the larger nets if you have the extra space, but I don’t think it’s necessary. One advantage is if you plan to use the simulator screen accessory (described below), you’ll have a larger display size with the larger nets.

The second sizing concern is the height of the net. I have the smallest of these nets and never hit a ball over the net. This will vary based on your distance from the net and the type of shot you’re hitting, but with a normal 60-degree wedge shot, I haven’t had an issue at the distance I stand for my simulator. If you’re trying to practice very high flop shots, or prefer to stand further away than needed, there’s an upper net accessory.

Set Up & Arrival

The Net Return arrives in a box which contains the disassembled aluminum frame, netting and sleeve, and a black duffle bag to make transportation easy. The assembly is extremely simple as the frame pieces are color-coded, so all you need to do is match the colors and click the pipes together.

net return pro connection bars
Color-coded frame pieces

Once the tubing is connected, the net can be stretched across the frame and secured with velcro straps. I found this process very simple, and even though the size is large, the net is light enough to move into place after assembly. Overall, this was a much better experience in setup than I’ve had with cheaper nets.

How It Works

I’ve had my Net Return for a couple of years now and have used it quite a bit. When hitting the center area of the net, it does a great job of returning the ball toward you or even all the way back sometimes. The ball always drops to the ground first, so you don’t have to worry about flying projectiles.

light bulb - tip icon

If you’re using the net indoors with a hard floor, you’ll want to ensure there is a mat or carpeting below the net, as the golf ball will bounce and not return to you as desired. In my current setup, I have a cheaper mat under the net and a thicker hitting mat further back (previously, I had just one large mat).

The net is sturdy and only moves a small amount when a shot is hit. Its shape prevents it from tipping over or shaking much. However, they warn that the XL size is best for indoor use as the wind can take it.


I’ve hit thousands of shots into my Net Return at this point and can see no issue with wear. They say the net will handle ball speeds of 225 mph and comes with a 250,000-shot guarantee. So this net will last a long time before you’d need to replace it (they sell the netting separately if needed).

net return pro in garage
My Net Return in my garage (please excuse the mess)


The Net Return has a great selection of different accessories that can be purchased separately or in a package with their nets. Here are some of the most notable ones:

net return accessories

Side Barriers

These are great for protecting anything in your hitting area from a strong hook or slice (pull, push, or shank). I have these barriers, and they work really great. I rarely need them, but it provides some comfort if I’m having guests hit on the simulator or I’m making some swing changes where I’m not confident that I’ll strike the ball well. I only leave the right side extended as that’s where I will miss, if at all.

Top Barrier (No Fly Zone)

This top barrier adds an extra 8 – 10 inches of protection above the net. This is a great accessory if you tend to hit the ball higher than normal or are working on hitting flop shots.


There are two accessory targets, a precision target with a bullseye and a square target which creates a target box in the net. These are great to have as something to focus on when lining up your shots, and they can be moved to any spot on the net.

Simulator Screens

This is a great option for converting The Net Return into a simulator screen. They come in sizes to match any of the nets and let you use the existing frame of your Net Return. They also sell a simulator valence that will block out any light from behind the net.


What is The Net Return Pro Series V2 vs V1?

The second version of The Net Return improved several things, including adding more netting for extra durability, a black polyester sleeve for strength and UV protection, and a powder-coated frame for appearance and durability.

Do I need extra space behind the net indoors?

The depth of the net includes a back bar that you can place up against a wall. When a ball is hit into the net, the netting doesn’t go past this bar, so you shouldn’t need additional space.

The Net Return Review: Conclusion


  • Strong build that holds up well
  • Returns the golf ball so you don’t need to dig in the net
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Offers a projector screen accessory for simulator golf


  • More expensive than some golf nets
  • May require some accessories
  • It requires more assembly than some nets (though they aren’t as sturdy)
net return pro thumbnail

The Net Return – 4.8/5

The Net Return does an awesome job of holding up to golf shots and conveniently returns the golf ball. The build quality is much higher than any other golf net I’ve used.


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