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I first noticed the Tornado Tee in a video of Bryson DeChambeau talking about swing speed and decided to test it out. In this Tornado Tee review, I’ll cover why it’s now my go-to tee on my simulator and why you should pick some up.

tornado tee in grass with a driver behind it


  • Extra long-lasting
  • It doesn’t fly away like other tees
  • Less friction than other tees


  • Expensive ($24 for 5 at the time of writing)
  • Slightly odd looking
  • Have to push the tee in separately from the ball

Tornado Tee Technology

The Tornado Tee has a normal-looking tee base, but then it’s topped with a mono-filament mesh that gives under pressure. The company claims this does three things:

  • Adds up to 12 yards of distance
  • Increases ball speed by up to 4mph
  • Reduces centerline dispersion by up to 9 yards on average

These results will likely depend on your swing and playing conditions, but I believe it has some effect.

The tees are pretty expensive ($24 for 5 at the time of writing), but I have yet to break one after hitting over one hundred drives off of it.

How It Works on the Course

First, on the golf course, your playing partners might ask what kind of weird tees you have. You can increase this reaction by choosing bright tees like yellow, pink, or green or downplay it with white tees. The great thing about these tees is they typically don’t fly out of the ground and don’t break.

The downside of these tees is that they’re a little bit more challenging to put in. You have to grab the plastic midsection, push it in, and then place your ball on top. Once you’re used to it, it’s not a big deal.

How It Works on a Simulator or a Range

Tornado Tee with a Tee Claw on a golf simulator
The Tornado Tee placed in a Tee Claw on my simulator

The simulator is where the Tornado Tees shine for me. I previously used a Tee Claw to keep a plastic tee in my mat, and it works most of the time, but the tee still occasionally flies out or breaks.

My new setup includes the Tee Claw with the Tornado Tee, and it’s fantastic. No more flying or breaking tees! I still have to reposition the claw occasionally, but it is well worth the investment to save the hassle and time of tee replacement.

light bulb - tip icon

You’ll probably need to cut off the tip of the Tornado Tee to get it to sink into the mat at your ideal height for your driver. If you’re going to the range with the tee, do this ahead of time or bring clippers with you.

tornado tee product

Tornado Tee – 4.8/5

The Tornado Tee is an amazing solution for not replacing and chasing down flying golf tees. It can also help improve some distance and accuracy stats.

Bonus: Bryson Using the Tornado Tee


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    Vince L

    The potential problem with this design is pretty much the same one as with brush tees. You set the ball at a specific height however upon impact the ball deforms on a vertical plane. As a result the ball is moves downward on its perch (the tee) which results in a lower ball flight. If as the manufacturer claims it “Adds up to 12 yards of distance”, “Increases ball speed by up to 4mph” and “Reduces centerline dispersion by up to 9 yards on average” every tour player on the planet would be using it. Correction – every player on the planet would be using it.

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