Wellputt Mat Review

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When looking for a putting mat for home, I wanted something to help me practice various skills to improve my putting rather than just repetitively hitting balls. This Wellputt mat review covers the solution I found that helps me dial in my putting speed, distance, and accuracy by playing different games.

If you’re looking for a putting mat that makes it easy to run various putting skills challenges, this may also be the mat for you. If you instead want something that looks professional in an office or shared space but requires you to make up your own putting training, check out our review of the Perfect Practice Mat.

Wellputt putting mat with putter

Speed & Performance

Wellputt places the speed of their putting mat at 10-11.5 on the stimp meter. This is similar to the speed at a good golf course where you might say the greens are rolling quickly. You’ll want to ensure the mat is placed on a flat surface like hardwood or firm carpet to ensure it rolls true.

I found this putting mat performed excellent once I had it on a suitable surface, and it was quick to get dialed in and putting well.

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Putting mats are greatly affected by the surface beneath them. So before making a purchase, ensure you have enough room and that it’s flat.


wellputt mat designs

The Wellputt mat comes in various designs in ten-foot and thirteen-foot lengths. In addition to color variations of the mats, there are also some differing training games to play. I personally chose to purchase the ten-foot classic mat. I think any of these mats is a great option, and the choice mostly comes down to personal preference.

One thing to remember with these mats is that there is no actual hole to put into. Instead, you’re trying to putt a ball to stop on a spot or roll through a target. I think this does a better job of fine-tuning your speed and accuracy. It also means there are more things to do than just hitting at a single target, and you can putt in both directions (if you have enough space to stand on either side of the mat).

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Check out the Wellhole accessory or the PuttOut pressure trainer if you prefer to putt to a real hole.

The mat rolls up for storage and flattens out relatively quickly (you may want to put something heavy on the edges to remove any curling). It’s made of a soft fabric that I found picks up pet hair pretty easily, so if you have a pet that sheds, you’ll want a vacuum handy.

Putting Games

Wellputt iPhone app

These putting mats come with a few predefined “courses” that you can play to challenge your putting skills. They run you through putting at specific targets until you can complete the course with a target score and move on to the next course. I’ve found this is an enjoyable way to improve my putting skills, especially indoors during the winter.

You can do this with a printed PDF scorecard or through the Wellputt app. Either method works well, but the app’s design is a little confusing, and it took me a bit to figure out how to navigate it. Once you figure it out, there’s a helpful animation for each hole, and scoring is easy.


  • Games to improve putting skill
  • Variety of helpful aiming lines and targets
  • Rolls well


  • Design isn’t as elegant as some mats
  • Picks up pet hair easily
  • App for games isn’t the best design, but works well
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Wellputt Mat – 4.5/5

The Wellputt series of putting mats are a great option for golfers looking to improve their putting skills using a well-thought-out mat with various game options.


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