Bombtech Grenade Driver Review

Pull the Pin on the GRENADE! With a name like Bombtech, there are some serious implications that are brought to the table. Certain expectations that one would have when...

Bombtech Logo

Pull the Pin on the GRENADE!

With a name like Bombtech, there are some serious implications that are brought to the table. Certain expectations that one would have when they wield that teebox cannon. A certain image that should be projected. It goes without saying that the Bombtech Grenade fulfills all of those expectations.

On first inspection, the lime green Grenade logo pops off the pure white headcover accented with a mesmerizing iridescent piping along either side of it. If the aesthetics look that good, it’s going to be pretty good with its clothes off.

Completely contrasting to the cover, but not at all in a disappointing way, is an all-black, matte crown. Turn it over and the black is broken up by more lime green in the form of two offsetting cavities on the sole of the driver, and between those cavities in clinical white lettering “GRENADE” runs from the face backwards. Those cavities aren’t useless salesmanship either. Bombtech did significant testing with the University of Vermont to identify the most efficient means to reduce drag.

Enough talk. Let’s get the Bombtech Grenade on the firing range!

Bombtech Grenade Looks

Like I saying above, the Grenade is a looker. It’s subtle and clean but it looks like it knows how to get the job done. At address it feels like a long club, but it really isn’t. Looks can be deceiving because while there’s an option for a 47 inch shaft, Bombtech sent us the standard 45.5 inch and they also have shorter options that are not always available with other brands. The shortest shaft you can get on the Grenade driver is 44.5 inches.

Don’t let the color combo give you any false impressions. Sully (the owner) did not go out to make a competitor to the likes of companies like Krank. This is not intended to be a long drive stick; this is meant to be a player’s driver, each one custom built.

Be aware, there’s not that much contrast between the black face and the black crown. If you’re a classic looks kind of golfer, then you might have a hard time adjusting to this. Some type of alignment graphic on the crown would be nice; perhaps a tiny white grenade.

How does the Grenade Feel?

The Bombtech Grenade is nimble. The name set me up to assume that it would be this big, heavy bruiser of a driver. I couldn’t have been more wrong. With every swing, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of surprise at how easy it seemed to get the club around from the top of my backswing to impact. There might not be data to support that I could swing it any faster than my usual driver, but it sure felt like I could, and feel is a huge part of golf.

The Grenade driver comes standard with a sticky Pure Grip which came in handy as this thing made us want to swing out of our shoes every time.

The face feels hard, not in a harsh or unforgiving way, but solid and with a ton of connection to your hands. It was easy to tell where every shot was on the face, but mishits didn’t leave you dropping to your knees wringing your hands in agony. It just made it really easy to make minor swing adjustments incredibly quickly.

Bombtech Grenade Performance

The driver that I received was a stiff flex and it was greatly appreciated. It can be upgraded to a lighter shaft for an additional $99, but don’t feel shortchanged with the standard.

The ball seriously explodes off of the face of this driver.

I recently reviewed the Powerbilt AFO Tour version driver. That driver scored very well on GolfSpy’s Most Wanted list, and the feeling at impact with the Bombtech Grenade is very similar to the AFO. There is one difference: the Powerbilt felt like you needed to dial it back from time to time to keep it under control — not the Bombtech Grenade. The AFO had a very high ball flight that gave the impression of ballooning, whereas the Grenade feels hot off the face with a much more penetrating ball flight. The thing is a howitzer.

I tested the Bombtech Grenade against three other drivers that we chose for no comparison reasons, they were just drivers we like. The Nike Covert, the Powerbilt AFO, and the Taylormade R1 Tour.

It was difficult to get used to the lack of adjustability after moving from the Covert and the R1, but it was easier to adapt to than the Powerbilt. Maybe that speaks to the condition that the age of adjustibility is creating. Maybe.

From purely range and on course testing, I can assure you that the Bombtech carried and rolled out further than the other drivers. The R1 took it on workability, but it was very easy to say that the Grenade was in a not-so-distant second — easier than the Nike and much easier than the Powerbilt. It was actually shocking the shape that could be put on the ball with this driver.

Final Verdict

I am all for boutiques and startups, but they don’t always produce clubs that stand up to the hype and idea of a specialized, one-off builder. This is most definitely not the case with Bombtech. Meticulously engineered and tested, the Bombtech Grenade lives up to its name. It’s simple workability with noticeable distance over the competition means it’s going to stay in the bag for a little while … see if it can help shave some strokes.

You should be considering this as a next driver option, so go over to to find out more about customization and prices. Oh, and they’re now selling woods, hybrids, and putters!

2 Comments on this post.
    W.B. Neal
    12 April 2016 at 11:00 am

    Thanks for the review. It’s nice to see someone review equipment other than the larger manufacturers. I have been tossing the Bombtech around for a few weeks. I think I can now make my decision with more confidence. A smaller company will not introduce multiple new releases in the same year devaluing your purchase by 50% or more within 6 months. Keep up the good work.

      David McCreery
      12 April 2016 at 11:15 am

      Thank you for visiting the site. It’s very unlikely that you will regret a purchase from Bombtech. The Grenade is a solid, consistent, and easy to work driver, and you’re right, it’s not going to devalue as significantly as the big-name products. If you get it, let us know how you like it, here or on Twitter!

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